Hey guys after several hours I finally got this Thunderbird Yahoo up and running and downloading email messages on yahoo...thank god!

Here's how I did it

Go here and Download the newest version of Webmail and the Yahoo Webmail Extension

Save these files to any folder or to the desktop

Open up Thunderbird and click Tools-> Addons->Installs

Once you click installs find the two .xpi webmail extensions and install them.

Restart Tbird


Check "Email account" and click next

Fill in Email address "youremail@yahoo.com" and click next

Check "Pop" and make your incoming server click next

Incoming Username "youremail@yahoo.com" and click next

Name your tbird folder whatever you want and click next..

Your account should have been created....now go to Edit->Account Settings

Under your Yahoo email click "Server settings"

Make the Port 1025 and under security settings click "never" (you can fool around with this and see if you can get it to work under other security settings)....also make sure your Username reads "youremail@yahoo.com"

Then click OK

Lastly go to Tools->Addons again and highlight Webmail and then click Preferences

Make the port in here 1025 as well and then click ok....restart Tbird again...

Now try downloading your mail!

Hopefully this works for folks here let me know if u run into any issues!

Someone else can chime in with the proper smtp settings..