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Thread: how to add radio stationS to banshee 1.2.1

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    Re: how to add radio stationS to banshee 1.2.1

    That is a nice idea! Actually, I think it would be even nicer to have a clean, comprehensive and well-sorted list of internet radio stations, that would be community-maintained... not like, which lists just everything.

    Do you know where Banshee has its stations file and if the file from Rhythmbox can be copied or adapted?

    I'd like to add something to the post from Mattisking, about adding stations (an excerpt from my reply to this other thread):

    So you find radio links here, on station's web pages, and on sites like or And when you click on a link, the browser will probably ask what to do with the file, and the nicest thing were to just choose "open with Banshee" and the station plays. Sadly however, I could not get it to work like this with Firefox and Banshee.

    About adding stations manually: You may have to remove the filename part of the address. For example, with an internet radio link from
    Add this as stream address to Banshee:
    "listen.m3u" is a playlist file, which could also be of pls, asx or xspf type and more. But often the playlist file contains of more than one actual stream addresses (in case one is offline or overloaded), and then the shorter URL can not work.

    On they advertise their "Rhythmbox Migrator" new in Banshee 1.5, but I didn't test it.

    But I also made interesting experiments with another application, "Tunapie", which can list radio stations from Shoutcast and Xiph, and open them in a media player like Banshee!
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