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Thread: YOU THERE!! Malicios script installed as a DEB, please read!

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    Exclamation YOU THERE!! Malicios script installed as a DEB, please read!

    Hello guys Im going to make this breef

    I have installed a deb from a site claiming to be an Screensaver however it looked dodgy however I proceeded.

    after I looked into the source I found MYSTERIOS ACTIVITY FOR WHAT SHOULD BE A SCREENSAVER... IS THIS REQUIRED? (below)
    (also no screensaver was ever shown in gnome-screensaver)

    cd /usr/bin/
    rm Auto.bash
    sleep 1
    chmod 777 Auto.bash
    echo -----------------
    cd /etc/profile.d/
    sleep 1
    chmod 777
    echo -----------------

    Im no expert but this looks just wrong!!

    I have removed the package however I i doubt this has done much good...

    Please help, comments exist from other users who have downloaded this file not understanding why their screensaver did not show up and probably left the file installed.

    This all just litterally happened in the last few minutes and im affraid to reboot my computer.. should I reinstall my gnome packages?

    Or was I just being paranoid? Im thinking I should contact the other users who have downloaded the file and request the file be pulled if it is in fact some attack...

    Sorry for sounding strange, Just trying to fix this A.S.A.P.

    Thank you for any suggestions.
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