In order to reach the most number of people possible for this event coordination, I'm cross-posting part the message from Bryan Behrenshausen on the mailing list:

Hi everyone,

I'm writing with one more update on the progress of the F/OSS event
I've been planning at Millersville University. I finally have some
specific, concrete details to share with you, and I'm very excited
about them.

Since I "pitched" my idea for this event to library faculty and staff,
it has snowballed in many positive and exciting ways. What began (in
my mind) as a small assembly/demonstration of a few open source
software solutions has blossomed into a campus-wide roundtable
speaking event as various parties from around the university have
expressed an interest in participating. Here are the current details
of the event:

On Thursday evening (most likely between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.), February
18, 2010, the university library will be hosting an open source themed
event -- "Open Options: Remix Computing with Open Source Software" --
that corresponds with the university's current theme, "Remix the
Future, Remake our World." The purpose of the event is to introduce
students and faculty to both the concept/philosophy of open source in
general, and to expose them to various open source software
applications and platforms that may enhance their lives around the
university. The event will feature a roundtable discussion by faculty
in numerous academic disciplines (education, political science,
library science, computer science) and departments (education
technologies, information technology). As an instructor in the
Department of Communication and Theatre, I will be moderating this
discussion, for which participants will be bringing brief, prepared
remarks, then commenting on a few questions I'll have given them

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