I have a DS, DSi and Wii,
also a laptop running (x)ubuntu (with a wireless b/g card)
and a standard DSL connection.

And I would like to Set up a WiFi HotSpot.
I have tried many thing...
1. Create ad-hoc connection. (default net mangier)
2. Create ad-hoc connection, with others (kwlan, wicd, rutiLT)
And the Nintendo products tell me they cannot obtain an IP address;

I assign them all a manual IP, using my laptop as a gateway;
Result:connected to laptop, but not web...

So I did more research, and found out about packet forwarding;

So I modified it to work with my Wifi card;

And posted very sloppy instructions on my blog:

After testing, I found it only works on the DSi, using one of the advanced setups...

the Wii could "see" the connection, I scanned for the SSID and set it up that way, but when I went to test the connection, it said it could not find the SSID....

the DSi (at same distance away from the PC as the wii) worked just fine;
I could Browse the Web, and even Shop on the dsi store...

The DS had issues too, but thats because it is limited to 2 mbps and Wireless B (or mixed mode).

So dose anyone want to help me out on this project???