I currently buy a Lenovo S-10, comes with 160gb HD, 1gb RAM, 10.2" LCD Screen, and a Intel Atom.

15 Minutes later(UNetbootin finish to write the Karmic iso into my USB thumb), I begin the installation of Ubuntu Karmic Koala in this little but awsome machine.

At the first time, this machine doesnt recognize me the Wifi Card, but, when update the distro, via ethernet cable, the wifi began to work properly.

The I try with the cam and installed Cheese and works!.
The acpi functions works OTB(function keys, volume, screen brightness etc).

BTW, i work with a Lego Mindstorms NXT brick, just install the next packages:

py-USB (usb support for python)
NXTTransfer(google it, this is for transfer files between PC<-->Lego Brick)
NBC Compiler http://bricxcc.sourceforge.net/

For develop you can use Vi, Emacs, Nano whatever you want.