I think you misunderstand them! I have a very strange way of expressing myself ._.

Like, my Futurama one is making MANY points! But subtly ._.

It is saying *ahem* -

1) That Futurama is cool, and sparking discussions about the new series on Comedy Central.

2) That it would be cool if we had stylish ads too!

3) A light parody of the Family Guy for Windows 7 thread, and a parody of MS in general

4) Also kinda saying that Futurama is cooler than Family Guy, coz Family Guy is on Fox (I know I didn't say that but in my head that was a thread of reason! hehe)

and lastly I guess it was just supposed to be a bit of light-hearted fun for the Cafe!

This is the only forum I have ever been on that bans threads like this... ever

They're just being silly, it's late at night here and it's just something to spark a light-hearted convo while I also chat with one of my good friends on Yahoo! lol

Oh I dunno ._.

I don't get it ._.