Hi, i've just did (a week ago) an new fresh install of ubuntu karmic, everything is nice except one thing, that actually drives me crazy, when watching movies / lissen to music, about everytime (almost) it changes media i have to go to "system/preference/sound and change to 2 system channel and then back to 5.1 system again caus it turns of my subwoofer (and sometimes my center too it seems to anyway) is this something with pulseaudio or something in ubuntu? (onboard HDA Intel sound, even tried on my Creative Extreme Gamer X-Fi, it's the same thing there) and also (when speaking of sound ) when i run wine programs i have to start the same application 2 times (so it runs the two applications at the same time) otherwise there will be no sound output at all.. kinda strange? (never had either of those problem in 9.04)