Long time Gnome user here, ended up setting up my Ubuntu system to dual boot with Kubuntu to try it out. So far - I'm fricken loving KDE. Very smooth, very solid, and very quick. I just might make the full time switch. But before that, I have a few questions I'd like answered.

1 - I have dual monitors. In Gnome I used to just use 1 big wallpaper across both monitors. In KDE it doesn't seem as if I can do that. How can I get wallpapers on both monitors? I can do this by either 1 wallpaper per monitor or 1 large wallpaper to span across both. I just need to know how to do this.

2 - How do I get rid of that bouncing icon whenever I launch an application?

3 - I tried to install the latest Virtualbox from their web site but it errors out when I try to launch the deb. I'm running Jaunty 9.04 64 bit and that's the package I got but it errored out. Any ideas?

4 - Because Karmic had problem with multiple drives in my system when I tried to use Ubuntu Karmic, I didn't even try to use Kubuntu Karmic - So I'm using Kubuntu Jaunty 64 bit. But I'd like the latest KDE version - how do I upgrade KDE in Jaunty to have the latest available?