Hi guys,

Have been searching quite a bit and found many similar questions, but no answers so far...

I have a home server running ubuntu. With emphasis on home, it really doesn't need to be running all the time. Hence I would like it to suspend, when not in use, and wake up when needed (just like a commercial NAS or home server).

So far I can:
- Suspend with 'pm-suspend'.
- WOL from another computer.
- WOL from a squeezebox.

So far so good, but now I would like to:
(1) Auto-suspend when not in use.
(2) Wake up when I try to access my network drive from another computer (windows).

I am sure that (1) can be done, but how?
The desktop version of ubuntu has some kind of auto-suspend, right?

As for (2), I think, it could depend on my ethernet adaptor (wake on traffic to ip...?), but I not sure?

The system is an Intel D945GSEJT.