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Thread: How to Request Support or Product Information on this Forum

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    How to Request Support or Product Information on this Forum

    To help us assist you in the most efficient way, please consider these basic guidelines.

    Please dont' send me a private message. I never think to check them, and email, forum posts and phone calls already keep me plenty busy. If you need to ask me something but don't want to post it to the forums, please call or email.


    First, please search our forums using your System76 model number and some keywords pertaining to the problem you are experiencing. Chime into an existing thread if it seems a close enough match to your issue.

    When posting, please include...
    • your System76 model number (the System76 Driver will tell you what it is).
    • the version of Ubuntu are you using.
    • the symptoms you are seeing (and instructions for replicating them if necessary).
    • the logs.tar file which can be created by the System76 driver (only if your problem is freeze related).
    • if you are attaching logs, the time indicated on your computer's clock when the problem occurred (which will help us identify the appropriate section in your logs).

    Use a Title that will help others! For example, "Man, I'm really having problems!" isn't nearly as useful as "Firefox constantly crashes on my DarU3."

    If you are certain the problem is hardware related, it is more efficient to just contact us directly at

    It is perfectly fine to post Kubuntu and Xubuntu related questions here, but please note that System76 doesn't officially support either of these. However, we have some awesome customers on our forums that can offer help. But PLEASE mention up front that you are using something other than standard Ubuntu so that we don't spin our wheels trying to figure out a problem on the wrong OS.


    Please include...
    • Your intended usage
    • The system(s) you are interested in
    • Any other questions you have about System76, our products, etc...
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