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Just make one. Although it`s not there by default, it`s in your path by default, even if it`s not there.

Or it always used to be, using Hardy so things might have changed.

Edit -

Rereading that, it doesn`t sound very clear unless you understand paths. If a directory is in your path then you can execute any binary in that directory typing the name of the program.

To see what I mean, try typing
ls /usr/bin/
One of the first programs you`ll see is the very commonly used apt-get. I`m guessing you type
 sudo apt-get install blah blah blah
all the time.

If /usr/bin was not in your path you would have to type
sudo /usr/bin/apt-get install blah blah blah
because bash would not search /usr/bin to find it.

Other distros include ~/bin as a default directory, Ubuntu does not, but it does include ~/bin in your default path. So you can create ~/bin and bash will search it

To see which directories are in your path type
echo $PATH
Edit 2 -

I`m not sure that made it clearer, anyway, research your path if your interested

Thank you. If path works the same as in windows then I do understand it, that’s why I tried to drag the “batch” file into the BIN directory. But as I’ve mentioned, batch isn’t not running! Thanks for explaining anyway for the benefit of other new users, who I’m sure are googling on how to make Suspend work.

My original question above was about the "Suspend" command in Keyboard Shortcuts NOT working. It only blanks the screen momentarily. So I thought of finding the suspend command and assign a keyb shortcut to it. But as you’re witnessing that’s not working either.