I have a suggestion/question wondering what people think. This might even exist and i haven't stumbled across it yet. Which brings me kind of to my suggestion.

There should be an option to either subscribe to a monthly newsletter/brochure that highlights points of interest, and a few key apps/games to help/familiarize newcomers with. Maybe have the subscription signup option either after first install, or at the time of download from Ubuntu's website. It would be a short newsletter with just a couple key categories were content would change, but still be beneficial if you were reading it for the first time.

Such as:
1. Section highlighting a cool game with short review(and not just Sudoku).
2. Section highlighting a cool app with short review, something already installed/or not installed but might find usefull.
3. Section with review of a cool theme, or something.
4. Whatever else.

I'm NOT talking about a newsletter with major tweaks or changes, but mainly highlighting some key apps/games people might like. Several people would never know Playdeb existed without reading it somewhere. Also people might realize all that is availabe with the "software center". Plus it is just OVERWHELMING all the stuff/option out there. As simple as "software center" is, it is overwhelming to someone new who would have know idea what to even look for.

Imagine: after installing ubuntu you check your email (if you opted for newsletter), and you had a short but concise email with a screenshot of a cool game (Nexuiz) with short review!! Wow, didn't know you could play a game (insert any cool game here) like that for free.

Same applies to another cool app (personally i like devede), but any app that might be handy that is either already installed or needs installed. Just something to spark interest in someone.

I know this message is long, so i'll stop now. But before anyone starts yelling "just google" or "read a forum" let me quickly respond. Some people don't even know what there missing to even begin to look for something. Some people don't know about forums, or how to read them. I've been using ubuntu for about 8 months now. I haven't had the need/time to look for cool computer games for ubuntu. But i came accross Playdeb, and a review of Nexuiz somewhere that made me say WOW!! I never knew that was at my fingertips, but now i'm intrigued.

I want that "WOW" factor for someone the first month they experience Ubuntu without hunting forum after forum, review after review, ect.

What do you think... sorry for long windedness, just trying to convey the correct message.