I'm sorry to double-post, but I'm not sure to know which of the thread is still active, if one of them is not visited anymore. Here is the content of the first, still applicable:

I plan to buy this tablet soon, and I'd like to use it on Ubuntu (my reason here).

I NEED the pen function, since I'm a student, to take notes in my courses. The touch function is optional for me, but I'd like to use it to the max of it's capabilities.

If the pen works well, I could participate in the development under Ubuntu while I take notes, so I will have plenty of time to give feedback and test.

I'm not very good in developement of driver, in fact, I don't know anything on this, but I'd like to learn.

I'm running Karmic on inspiron 1501, and I plan to buy this since mid-december.

So my question is: Is the pen reliable?