I've just purchased a new Satellite T135 and installed a fresh copy of Karmic Koala on it. Pretty much everything works great right out of the box. I had to use ndiswrapper for wireless, but it wasn't a huge hassle. Unfortunately, there seems to be a hardware issue with the brightness changing.

The brightness is controlled using a combination of Fn and F keys. The strange thing is that Karmic actually responds to the key presses, and changes the brightness value. But this is not reflected in the actual brightness of the screen. I have tried brightness applet by itself as well to no avail. Also, the screen does not automatically dim when it is taken off of AC power. It almost appears to be 'stuck' on full brightness at all times.

It isn't a huge issue, but I can get 9 hrs of battery life in Windows 7, and only about 6.5 in Karmic, and I suspect that this issue is the largest factor. Any help would be appreciated.