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Thread: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

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    Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    In spite of all the posts about Unetbootin (I'm a newb to Linux but I know a nice piece of work when I see it, well done), I'm still having some difficulty. I used a cruzer 2G used the box to get Linux Mint but I can't get my machine (2005 model) to boot to the usb. I can pull up the drive letter, see all the files and ISO but how do I get it to work as an OS? I have 9.04 running on my laptop just fine from a live cd. Net BIOS won't give me the option to boot to USB. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on how to proceed from this point and get a persistent drive. Thanks in advance.
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