Good job as usual, upgraded to latest mplayer on my Karmic x64 using your superb guide. Just wanted to add that if one is using nvidia drivers from nvidia and not from repos via ncurses based installer, you don't have to add the libvdpau-dev as mplayer checks for it automatically. Unlike when you install the nvidia driver via repos where the libvdpau-dev file is not installed, in case of the ncurses based nvidia install, the necessary libvdpau files are already installed. VDPAU works nicely on my system here with a cheapo nvidia 8400 card.

Another point I would like to recommend if I may is to use the latest SMPLAYER instead of the older on in the repos, you can do that by adding the developer rvm's ppa at

This keeps your smplayer up to date.

Thanks again for your good work.