Ok. So let me get this straight...

- I post the w32codecs are legal
- Kassetra disagrees with me, but is very rude
- Kassetra turns my post into a thread in the backyard
- Kassetra and bored2k are rude in that thread
- I post a thread in the resolution center about the rudeness
- KiwiNZ ignores my concerns and bans me for no reason
- KiwiNZ (in email) ignores anything I say and says how I need to aggree not to break any rules and how I broke rules
- I ask many many times what I did wrong, but never get an answer
- KiwiNZ unbans me (after 4 or 5 days) and just bans me from the community chat for two months(where 99% of my posts are anyway)

If you dont see a problem with that timeline then something is wrong.

As of yet I still have not gotten anything from a staffer about the rudeness of Kassetra, KiwiNZ, and (in this situation to a lesser extent) bored2k. And also as of yet I still dont know why I was accually banned.

The only things I can think of is that I was banned for disagreeing with kassetra, and if that is the reason, it's just pathetic. And if its against the rules to talk about the w32codecs then be sure to also ban kassetra, bored2k, ubuntu-geek, and most of the forum.

Oh, and contrary to what bored2k thinks, I most definitally do not have fun with all this. I hate it. I just wish I would be fully unbanned and the staff members that have treated me unfairly and rudely would admit their wrongdoings and start being nice.