Hi all,

I am trying to write a code in MATLAB that would be able to call up XFOIL from the MATLAB shell and have it run simulations. The closest I can get to doing so is writing a Perl wrapper to take inputs, generate a config file for XFOIL to use, then have XFOIL load it.

The issue is, I plan on many many iterations of this, and there's no "scripting language" within XFOIL to write an XFOIL script. I don't want to have to manually type in "oper; iter 100; alfa _____" for as many iterations as I need. The idea was something like this:

while (answer == unconverged)
    use initial guess/previous iteration to  generate config file for XFOIL
    open XFOIL, load config file
    have XFOIL automatically generate CL, CD, other data
    return values back to MATLAB
Is there any way to get XFOIL to run these commands with having to manually type them in?

Thanks for the help!