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Thread: Have USB expansion, need to know if it's 2.0 or 1.1

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    Have USB expansion, need to know if it's 2.0 or 1.1

    I have a USB expansion card/unit. Is there any way to know which USB version it is. It is not a PCI card. It does fit in the expansion slots at the back of the computer where a PCI card would normally go, but it connects to the on-board 9-pin USB. There is no information, on the unit, about manufacturer or anything.

    Edit: Actually, now that I think about, since it connects to the motherboard, it is the motherboard that determines the version, isn't it? The reason I am asking this is because the rear USB connectors on my mom's computer are 1.1. But I want to upgrade her to 2.0 for her webcam's sake. So, my guess is that I will have to get a PCI expansion card that is USB 2.0. Am I correct?
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