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Thread: OSS4 in Karmic problems...

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    OSS4 in Karmic problems...

    I installed Karmic yesterday evening.

    As I had (with no problems) in Jaunty I installed OSS4 and uninstalled ALSA and Pulse. However this time the Computer Janitor marked this as unused. What's more, with the new sound settings dialogue I no longer have the option to choose sound system, my sound card is not detected (it was before the aforementioned changes) and the dummy output was marked. The thing is, this whole time I have been listening to Spotify under Wine (VLC and SMPlayer work too, but Totem and mouse-over previews don't).

    All of this was working with these settings under Jaunty.

    I'd like this to work, but in the meantime I suppose I'll just have to reinstall ALSA and Pulse.

    Any ideas?

    I haven't tried it yet, but this seems to be the solution:
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