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I have seen a lot of people who like to install Linux on PPC based Macs but they don't know where to start. Let me tell you one thing, Ubuntu is not officially supporting powerpc since a long time. I tried many things on PPC based Macs and I am most satisfied with Debian now. I run Debian Lenny on a Pismo G3/400, which works well, but don't expect big graphical things there with such hardware. I also know that Debian runs well on ever older beige Macs using BootX (I did it). I have a website dedicated to Linux on Apple Macs. So maybe you will find some nice info for your computer too.

Good luck all of you

Many distros have communtiy supported projects such as respins and there are every bit as polished as the offically support . In terms of PPC support, Ubuntu is no different. (BTW, I use Debian Squeeze on my iMac, and sometimes you want newer application support.)

In my opinion, people should know of other distros such as OPENSuSE, Fedora and Debian and their benefits and how it stacks up to Ubuntu in order to make the best decisions for themselves.