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Gimp tux? Actually kinda cool
Who's the boy that can laugh at a storm cloud?
Who can turn a frown into a smile for free?
Who's that kid with a heart full of magic?
Everyone knows it's Butters(TUX)!

(That's me!)

Who's the boy with the eyes full of wonder?
Who thinks being yourself is the best thing to be?
Who's that rascal with the tweezers in his pocket?
Everyone knows it's Butters(TUX)!
(Wul, wul, that's me!)

Jumpin' in puddles,

skippin down the hallyway
pettin at the pettin' zoo.

He loves John Elway.

Who's that tike with the cutest little dimples?
Battin' his eye at everyone he sees?
If you look inside youself you may be suprised when you find
a little boy named Butters(TUX)!
(And That's Me!)