If you always 'want to Ubuntu' and have a propensity toward the idea of sharing what you know and learning what others know and you live near Butler, Pa. Then please consider attending the meetings held at Paneras Bread on New Castle Rd. Butler, PA. The name of the group is: "Butler Linux Options Group". We try to have them in the V.I.P. Room the 1st Saturday of the month from circa 5:30 PM-8:30Pm and have people from 'totally geeked to barely peeked.' How much you know isn't important. We want to share what you do or don't know! This means from newbies to the most learned are welcomed as it is a forum for the exchange of knowledge, but not a forum for political, or religious discussions. This is our small web page for now:http://users.zoominternet.net/~pantaphoni/blog/
and you may contact Paul at: NousChristou@yahoo.com for further info. Thanks!