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    Boot Info Script: How to

    One useful tool for finding and fixing boot problems is the Boot Info Script. I often ask for the output when helping find and fix boot problems. So I put this little how to together to keep from typing the same thing over and over. (lazy).

    Special thanks to meiefra for authoring the script and making it available.

    How to get it - Download it from here. Boot Info Script -

    How to run it:
    From your Ubuntu hard drive install:

    Open a terminal window - Applications>Accessories>Terminal

    Type or cut n paste the following.
    sudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script*.sh
    Update Karmic users - the default download directory is now ~/Downloads
    sudo bash ~/Downloads/boot_info_script*.sh
    If you have changed the Firefox default download location. Then change the ~/Downloads/ part of the command to your download directory.

    You will be asked for a password - your user password. You will not see the cursor move or see any stars as you type - thats the way of the Linux terminal. Type it in and press enter.

    Where to find its output:
    The script creates file RESULTS.TXT in same directory it is stored in. ( default ~/Downloads)
    Add it to your post:
    Open RESULTS.TXT in your favorite text editor - cut and paste - it can be long please use code tags (the # on the tool bar) or add the file as an attachment.

    If you can't boot into the Ubuntu install:

    From a live Ubuntu CD:
    Same as above - except you will not be asked for a password.

    Comments and suggestions are welcome.
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