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Thread: Cannot find firmware agere_sta_fw.bin

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    Cannot find firmware agere_sta_fw.bin

    Just installed xubuntu karmic beta on

    On startup, I get the following message:

    eth1: Cannot find firmware agere_sta_fw.bin

    Following login (I think) the ALT-F1 terminal shows the above message plus the following:

    eth1: orinoco_reset: Error -2 re-initializing firmware
    eth1: Device has been disabled!

    Lo and behold, the wireless doesn't work.

    I tried installing the windows drivers using NDIS, but the original drivers that ship with the laptop produce an "Invalid Driver!" message when installed using the ndisgtk tool.

    I would be grateful if someone could provide some guidance.

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    Re: Cannot find firmware agere_sta_fw.bin

    DO you actually have the firmware on the machine? On my machine (running Jaunty) it is in /lib/firmware. If you don't have it I can upload it onto her for you, though you could find it if you search.

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    Re: Cannot find firmware agere_sta_fw.bin

    What would happen if your hard disk died right now?

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