The motherboard on my Acer Aspire 5912 gave up the ghost last weekend after less than two years of valiant service. My machine is still under warranty, so I took it in for diagnostics.

They need to ship it back to the manufacturer and suggested a HD backup. I could either pay them hundreds of dollars to back up less than 100G of data, or I could pick up my HD and do it myself.

I bought an Apricorn Driveware adapter to make a HD backup on my external. Since, of course, the software for it was Windows only, I used a Winbox as the bridge and successfully made a copy of my HD (.tib file type).

I guess my concern is that once I get my machine back, will I be able to install the backup without the software?

Is there a better way to access my HD and get files onto my external?

And finally, what are the chances of data loss from the manufacturer replacing/repairing the motherboard?