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Mr. Jackson, you have definitely put together a nice product. Might I suggest that instead of having three different places where one has to select LotRO or DDO, a single selection?
There are only really two places where you need to select which game you want, in the configuration (either manual or wizard) which once done shouldn't need altering and when selecting a default game or switching between which game to play. Since the whole log in, patch, etc procedures are the same having two separate launchers would be a waste of time.

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Sadly, I am unable to get the damn .EXE to get past your program, but I'm trying to run it without recompiling <AND> from a different HDD.

It claims,
"err:alsa:ALSA_CheckSetVolume Could not find 'PCM Playback Volume' element" followed by a Wine Game Error [205] "The game client was passed invalid command-line parameters.[205]" Chances are if I wasn't trying to be cute and use the same installation for both sides of my dual-boot, I'd be successful.
Neither error is to do with the launcher, well the second one is in a way. The first is just a sound error, Ubuntus pulse and wines Alsa don't seem to play nicely (under Karmic they seem more friendly) so for LotRO & DDO it is best to set Wines sound to OSS (use winecfg), you'll lose sound in the cut scenes but that can't be helped.

The second error is because the game isn't patched, it is the game client throwing out that error. With DDO and a non Mines of Moria version of LotRO you need to find a suitable version of patchclient.dll, I believe that Eberron Unlimited now has a suitable version of this file but you need to patch to get it (nice chicken & egg situation) so just drop LotROs version into your game directory and try patching.