This isn't so much a problem as an annoyance: Tor autoruns when I start up my machine, and Privoxy can't control Tor if it's already running.

I've been able to work around this by using
sudo killall tor
in the terminal, but that's a temporary fix. I want to set it so Tor doesn't start a process until Vidalia tells it to.
I've read about sysv-rc-conf and from what I gather I think it can help me get what I want. However, I don't understand what the runlevels mean. (When I run sysv-rc-conf Tor is checked on levels 2 3 4 and 5.) Could someone help me figure out how to do this through sysv-rc-conf, or tell me another way to disable autorun on startup for Tor?

tl;dr I want Tor to only run when I tell it to, through Vidalia.