I have a question for ya'll! I have recently got my girlfriend a acer aspire one, It came with windoze, I have installed UNR I wanted to install the Kubuntu netbook remix (9.10 alpha 5) for her as she prefers kde, over gnome, but I wanted to keep windoze as shes going on a long trip, incase she needs it for some unknown reason.
So the problem is that the aa1 comes with a primary partition with the recovery disk for windoze on it! So to be able to have a triple boot I guess I would have to remove this partition for my kubuntu install, what I am wondering is, first am I correct as I can only have 3 primary partitions, and if so can I re-install windoze (if it needs to be re-installed at any time (due to it ******* up!)) using some thing like unetbootin? as the aa1 doesnt have a cd/dvd drive?
I would love to leave just the kubuntu and not have ubuntu, but the alpha doesnt look stable enough yet and my girlfriend doesnt know as much as I do if it does mess up and shes in the middle of mongolia!!!!