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Thread: Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited

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    Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited

    Free to play mmo (with cash shop and perks for subscribing) based on d&d 3.5, set in Eberron.

    As of wine --version 1.3.37 no special settings or native .dlls are needed, use appdb only as reference if any problems occur.

    Checklist for problem free running:

    -DDO installed in clean .wine/ (no added registry settings, nothing installed)
    -pylotro installed and set up (wizard in menu), either linux or windows version
    -DDO updated through pylotro (ddo hangs at loading screen if version mismatch)
    -OpenGL support, proprietary ATI or Nvidia drivers needed. Hw demands are very modest.
    -Wine version 1.3.37 or later

    Feel free to ask questions if your setup differs but please detail differences.

    Wine 1.4 is now in the official repositories and has no problems running ddo, if theres any glitches try
    the latest beta wine ppa at:

    go to for account and download,
    for launcher (thank you ajackson and SNy for making this!)
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