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Thread: Mumble text-to-speech

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    Mumble text-to-speech with espeak

    I have been playing around with Mumble this week because some friends and I are interested in switching from Teamspeak to Mumble. However, though the text-to-speech works perfectly for my friends with Windows, I am unable to get it working for me in Ubuntu. I've searched through these forums and googled extensively, and this helped me to get Festival working properly with PulseAudio. The Festival tts works just fine when I run it in a terminal, and I can hear and broadcast just fine in Mumble, but I cannot hear any text-to-speech at all. Has anyone else been successful in getting this working? I'm finding it very frustrating.

    Edit: Ok, I changed my speech-dispatcher to use espeak and now I can get tts in Mumble, however, it is doing a lot of spelling and reading of punctuation. Anyone know anything about how to change the settings in espeak to prevent that?
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