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Thread: Very weird sound problem

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    Cool Very weird sound problem

    Alright, so here's the breakdown of what's happened so far.

    Install ubuntu 9.04 on Macbook 3,1.
    Listening to some music on external speakers, I mute and unmute, but lo!
    Something has gone awry, there is a strange feel to the sound.
    Turning down the speaker volume reveals that the macbook is now playing from its internal speakers as well (whilst the macbook itself stands behind external monitor, lid closed, twirling its mustaches and no doubt hiding a superior appleish smirk.)
    So I unplug the audio-jack, slam it back in, and everything is working fine.

    That should have been the end of the story, but wait!

    Intrigued I experiment with this phenomenon until suddenly:
    Egad! All that comes from my speakers is strange and scary static noise!
    Now I am really scared, have I broken something?
    I uninstall alsa, reinstall, nothing has changed.
    I uninstall, and compile from source instead. Ah, that's better; It works.
    Mute/unmute and the internal speakers fire up once more.

    A resounding "WTF!?" arose in unison from all the people of the realm...

    Anybody else have that?

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    Re: Very weird sound problem


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