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Thread: low performance in video 1080p

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    low performance in video 1080p

    I am trying to play some .mkv 1080p videos on Ubuntu 9.04, I tried VLC, smplayer, etc... but still have some problem with the performance, some framedropping and so.

    The point is in Windows work perfect with the VLC. I guess is something going on with the nvidia configuration and in somewhere its activate some kind of postprocessing for quality, I have a GeForce 9800GT using last drivers 180 and a Q6600 processor with 2 Gb RAM, so the machine is not the problem.

    My question is, where and what I must start looking for? I dont know if the nvidia-setting has something to do with the video output, or if I must change something in the xorg. I am a little bit lost.

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    Re: low performance in video 1080p

    Nvidia cards starting with 8 series can take advantage of VDPAU (Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix). Here is a thread that details VDPAU a bit and shows how to get it working:

    You should see a significant performance boost and minimum CPU usage while usgin VDPAU.

    Good luck!

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    Re: low performance in video 1080p

    You can add the latest Mplayer and SMPlayer repository and get those apps and you can take advantage VDPAU out of the box. Definetly recommended

    Smplayer acts as a frontend for MPlayer and in the preferences menu just choose VDPAU as your output.

    This will work as long as your Nvidia card supports it.
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