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Thread: mail server, problem with tls, help!

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    mail server, problem with tls, help!

    hi everyone, (specially the gurus)

    i follow the flurdy how to setup a mail server, i complete all the steps, but the squirrelmail isn't working fine i guess, when i log on its shows:

    Error connecting to IMAP server: tls://localhost.
    0 :

    Does anyone know what i doing wrong?

    Wainting for an answer


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    Re: mail server, problem with tls, help!

    I will venture a guess: you are trying to send mail via squirrelmail.

    I was getting the same error until I went into the squirrelmail configuration and set the sending to use Sendmail instead of SMTP.

    Someone was kind of enough to subsequently explain that Postfix has a sendmail compatibility stub and that is what in essence you are using by doing this.


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