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Thread: Is this samba file server setup stable enough?

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    Is this samba file server setup stable enough?

    I'm setting up a fileserver for work and I just want some more opinions before I tell users that their data is safe when they store it on their network drives.

    My abstract goal is to have one public share that all users can access (which is /public on the server), and one private home drive for each individual user.

    Here is my smb.conf:

       workgroup = TWINOAKS
       server string = ToR Files
       wins support = yes
       hosts allow = 192.168.1.
       security = user
       dns proxy = no
       comment = Home Directories
       browsable = no
       writeable = yes
       valid users = %S
       comment = Storage (public files)
       path = /public
       public = yes
       writeable = yes
    I have each XP workstation mapped the following way:
    E: = \\myserver\public
    P: = \\myserver\homes

    It appears to work fine so far. When a user turns on their computer, E: points to the public drive and P: points to their individual home directory. Is there anything I'm missing here or am I good to go? (and yes, I have backups set up for /home and /public)

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    Re: Is this samba file server setup stable enough?


    That looks OK to me.

    However, do use rsync and cron.daily to make a nightly backup to another disk drive.


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