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Thread: HowTo: NViDIA 185.18 Drivers in Ubuntu

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    Re: HowTo: NViDIA 185.18 Drivers in Ubuntu

    OK, I've replaced my xorg.conf file with the one posted by Iain above. I've seen this state before a couple of times...

    Namely, I can enable screen 1 and plop in any resolution I would like. Cool. However, screen 0 is still locked into 640x480/60hz, regardless of root status.

    I think that I simply need to manually enter in the video modes for that I right? There was a problem earlier where my monitor wouldn't provide a proper EDID code...which is weird, because it was (eventually) recognized with earlier versions of the driver.

    Is it possible for me to manually grab and set the EDID tags for this thing? Is there a better way?

    Thanks for all your help here, everyone.
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