Whilst no 100% Perl 6 implementation is in place (Well, hardly any implementation of any language is 100%, but you get the idea), certain implementations offer its features and what not.

So, a rehash of a dead, cryptic language, same pig with different makeup, or a elegant, flexible, concise language brought right up to date?

I don't want a flame war erupting (Unless it contains, truthful, quality flames.) I just want to know if it will be the big hit people say it will be, or a long-way past due on a dated foundation.

I ask, because I learned the absolute Perl 5 basics for the sole reason that every UNIX/UNIX-like machine has it, nearly without exception. I didn't really like it, but it was useful. I do prefer Python 3 and Ruby, but will Perl 6 really bring back its fame?

I personally find the {}, ;, variable prefixes, multiple way, slightly inconsistent syntax a little harsh on my eyes, and a little to much work for a scripting language. But I also admired its elegance sometimes, as well as its flexibility.

Not sure how it'll make a come back in a world with Ruby and Python though... And this is what I'm wondering.