Hey guys!

I have a Gigabyte T1028M tablet netbook. I love it. It shipped with XP, however, and for a guy who's used to SSHing into his machines, this would not work. I have had OS X running on it for a while, but I was not very pleased with the hardware incompatibility, so last night I installed Kubuntu 9.04.

Unfortunately, the mouse does not work. I know it is a multitouch mouse, and a place where I was reading stated it was made by elantech. I searched around on the Ubuntu forums, and none of the resources helped me. I have sudo apt-get update'd and sudo apt-get upgrade'd to the newest versions of everything in the repositories, so I should have the newest stuff (right?).

Anyways, I'm looking for help getting the touchpad (made by potentially Elantech) and the touchscreen (made by eGalax) working under Kubuntu. Does anyone have any ideas? The mouse currently does not work at all, however the touchscreen does allow me to click, but not move the mouse.

Furthermore, how can I check if the webcam is working, if the computer can sleep properly, and if other features of it work? Any easy way?

Thanks in advance!