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    Fingerprint Function Creator (updated to version 1.4)

    I proudly present 4 scripts which are what should give your fingerprint reader more functionality than ever made possible before by any OS, with the help of Wolfgang Ullrich's program, FingerprintGUI. With a few key strokes and the touch a finger, you will be allowed to log into your favorite websites and games, or better yet, run any command or program with one of your fingers.

    What is FFC exactly?
    FFC (the Fingerprint Function Creator) is a utility that assigns each of your fingerprints to a dummy, or fake account that it also creates. You cannot log into this account, and it doesn't have any privileges to itself; it is owned by root. The way fingerprint readers work in Linux is all of your fingerprints are scanned and stored in your home folder. The data stored contains nothing but fingerprint information and really has no significance to whoever scanned it as long as it was scanned by the same username.
    Although it is convenient to be able to log into your computer using all 10 of your fingers, what is the likelihood of you actually doing that? FFC moves the fingerprints that you don't prefer to login with into the dummy accounts. When that particular fingerprint is scanned, the dummy account is then verified.

    How is FFC used?
    FFC is used by separate "executors". FFE (the Fingerprint Function Executor) is a very simple but powerful script that will run any program based on whichever finger you assigned the program to be run by. FAPE (the Fingerprint Account/Password Executor) will log you into just about any program or game by typing out the account and password for you, so you don't have to memorize or type anything. Both of these scripts are meant to be run from either a launcher or a keyboard shortcut.

    How is GSUA used?
    GSUA (Graphical Super-User Authentication) is a simple extension to KTSUSS, which is a graphical frontend to sudo. GSUA is used the same way you would use kdesudo or gksu. It is intended for desktop environments that may not have those programs, but if you have them, you do not need to use this program.

    Video Tutorial on how to use FFC

    Video demonstration of real life situations where the programs are used

    Video Example

    I welcome all questions and comments. Please help support my efforts and spread the word about this.
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