I have been searching for quite some time for an answer to my problem and havnt found anything relevant so please excuse me if this has already been covered.

What i am trying to achieve is for ssh-agent to ask me to confirm usage of my private key before it logs me onto the remote server. I had this working very nicely in hardy by doing the following:

in gconf-editor unticking ssh in apps>gnome-keyring
then in a terminal:

ssh-add -c path.to.my.priv.key
then when typing ssh remote.server.com a pop-up box would appear and if i pressed enter then it would go ahead and log me onto the remote server (without requiring a password) and if i clicked the cancel button or pressed esc then the agent wouldnt use my key and i would not be able to log onto the server.

Unfortuantly on my nice shiny new install of Jaunty, when i run the ssh-add command i
get the following:

me@laptop:~$ ssh-add -c_Private/id_dsa
Enter passphrase for /home/user/Private/id_dsa  (i type password here)
Identity added:/home/user/Private/id_dsa (/home/user/Private/id_dsa)
and then when ssh'ing onto a remote server it just goes ahead and does it rather than checking with me first which is obviously quite a security risk.

Anyone any ideas how i might resolve this?

Many thanks for your time,