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Thread: idesk problems, help wanted/needed

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    Exclamation howto create idesk powerdown desktop icon and fluxbox menu entry

    Ok, a summary of what I've been doing so far. To start with, I made a 2nd partition to tinker around with. I did a minimal alternate Hardy install on it,just the basics, and added fluxbox and idesk amongst others. I then wanted to create some desktop icons to direct me to some applications and to shutdown. The shutdown thingies proved to be the major obstacle, so here's a mini howto on how I worked things out. My aim was to get desktop icons to double-click on so the shutdown or reboot sequence would start. The following procedure workd for me ...

    To add a reboot menu shortcut in the standard .fluxbox/menu, add this:

    [exec] (Reboot) {xterm -e sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now}
    -r will reboot whereas -P will powerdown.

    The following part would be to create the .lnk file that has to be placed in the .idesktop folder:

    table Icon
    Caption: Reboot
    ToolTip.Caption: opnieuw opstarten
    Command: sudo /sbin/shutdown -r now
    Icon: /usr/share/icons/logoff/logoff-oranje.png
    Width: 60
    Height: 60
    X: 170
    Y: 1110
    Then add the bold lines to your sudoers file using
    sudo visudo
    wim is my username and Desktop-Wim my hostname

    # /etc/sudoers
    # This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command as root.
    # See the man page for details on how to write a sudoers file.

    Defaults env_reset
    Defaults editor=/usr/bin/leafpad

    # Host alias specification

    # User alias specification

    # Cmnd alias specification

    # User privilege specification
    root ALL=(ALL) ALL
    wim ALL=(ALL) ALL

    # Uncomment to allow members of group sudo to not need a password
    # (Note that later entries override this, so you might need to move
    # it further down)
    # %sudo ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL

    # Members of the admin group may gain root privileges
    %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL
    wim Desktop-Wim = NOPASSWD: /sbin/shutdown
    A big thanks to everyone at the Google Fluxbox Group
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    Re: idesk problems, help wanted/needed

    Hopefully, you read this. I made a simple utility to configure iDesk. It is available for download from

    Just click the link that says ideskconfig-(something).tar.gz

    Extract the tarball and double click and choose run.

    The latest version as of right now is 0.9, and will be updated frequently.

    Good luck!

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