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Thread: List of upcoming commercial Linux games !

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    Exclamation List of upcoming commercial Linux games !

    For the updated list visit :

    In this thread I want to gather a list of upcoming commercial Linux games.
    Why commercial ?
    As you know free/open source is evolution therefore programs are never really finished, new versions being released every few months, so it will be very very hard to track and update every new game release - we have so many of those.

    Games that are very likely to have a Linux client (pretty much confirmed)

    01. Age Of the Decadence (A combat demo coming out soon)
    02. The Broken Hourglass (Still in active development)
    03. Disciples 2: Dark Prophecy (LGP haven't forgot about it).
    04. Bandits: Phoenix Rising (LGP port)
    05. Shadowgrounds Survivor (LGP port)
    06. Unknown (after the excellent sells they had last week they will definitely make a Linux client).
    07. Postal 3
    08. Overgrowth
    09. Unreal Tournament 3 (Icculus is still porting it).
    10. Heroes of Newerth (currently in closed beta, but works great on Linux).
    11. Achron
    12. Dyson (freeware version available now)
    13. Unigine "demo" game (game for engine presentation, it's also possible that this game will be freeware).
    14. Aquaria (Linux client on the way !)
    15. Love
    16. Eschalon: Book II
    17. My Tribe 2
    18. Garshasp (They use the Ogre3D engine and would love to make a Linux client - when they have the time).
    19. The Legend of Crystal Valley (coming very soon).

    Games that might have a Linux client (unconfirmed but there is a chance)

    01. Wolfenstein (hope is not lost yet, at least not for the multiplayer)
    02. Rage
    03. syndicate-online (their engine supports it so there is still a chance).
    04. AfterWorld (their engine supports it so there is still a chance).
    05. Afterfall (They did promised a Linux client in their early stages of development, a lot has change since then but there is a chance).
    06. Cyclopean (RPG in very early stages of development)
    07. Scars of War (they will definitely try to make it possible).
    08. Sacred 2 (if the sells of Sacred1 will be good then LGP will try to license Sacred2).
    09. Serious Sam 2 (A beta client is available for years, but never worked for me).
    10. Natural Selection 2 (their engine supports it, but they are full of work now).
    11. world under siege (currently on hold till other projects are finished).
    12. Multiwinia (highly likely but unconfirmed).
    13. Subversion (highly likely but unconfirmed).
    14. Project Offset
    15. And Yet It Moves
    16. Final Fantasy XIV
    17. Dark Salvation
    18. Venetica (being developed by Deck13 using the Ogre3D engine)).
    19. Torchlight (single and mmo games are planned,using Ogre3D engine but Linux versions unconfirmed).
    20. Hunted (also being developed by Deck13 using the Ogre3D engine)
    21. Doom4
    22. Zombie RPG (IF they could port AoD then this should be no problem).

    Recently Released !

    1. Hive Rise
    2. Mad Skills Motocross

    There might be more games that I've forgot to mention or don't know of, so post them here and I'll add them.
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