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Thanks to all the tips in this thread finally I came up with something. Yes, it looks a bit messy, but I NEED ALL THE INFOs on my desktop without having to open any browser!
PS- Don't laugh at my screen size! -__-
I don't laugh at anyone's screen size...I only have 8.9"! And I'm the only person on my block who doesn't have a giant flat screen telly...Just a normal old 21" CRT!!!

I also don't think your desktop is messy if you use all the info. But I feel as though I should point out that some of your info is redundant, like the time/date in the panel, calendar and Conky time/date. Also, remember that if you know what everything is, you don't necessarily have to label it, e.g. since you only have current weather conditions, you don't really need to label it "weather now".

One more thing...Most of the bottom Conky seems redundant because you've already got process, kernel, weather, temp info elsewhere...Did you mean for it to be that way?

I also love the wallpaper, and a good subtle use of colour