I have a 4810, and during boot it is strange for me after grub started and I can see the loading... screen, but I need to wait about 10 seconds to get the splash screen of boot.
Does anybody have an idea what happens in the background or how to check it? On my desktop I almost get immediatelly the splash screen after grub.

Anyway my laptop is a dualcore (SU9400) with an ATI card.
If I uses the integrated card, then the laptop is quite warm, and estimated 3 hours in battery mode.
I changed to use ATI in powersave mode, and with some powermod suggestion currently about 6 hours is the estimated time.
The powertop says about 12W.
I tried to upgrade to kernel 2.6.30, but in tht case I cannot uses the ATI card, and I do not want to install it manually.
The brightness control works, but do not display the popup during when I change the brightness.
Audio is ok, but I still have problem with microphone, skype does not like it.
The built in webcam and wifi work out of the box.