I just wanted to say thankyou very much for this great HowTo. I read the first post and followed the instructions precisely. After having some problems read the post to SomeSmartGuy (page 2) and finally got my card working (currently posting with the wifi connection). I have rebooted and had no problems.

For the record, I have a Dell C600 with am Airgo Networks AGN300 wifi PCMCIA card (on a Linksys WPC54GX4 card). The PCI ID is 17CB:0002. This specific card is not listed in the sourceforg site as being supported or not supported by ndiswrapper. OS is Ubuntu 8.10. Downloaded the windows drivers from the Linksys website. Ndiswrapper came with the distro so it was already installed.

To make ndiswrapper work and install the drivers I used this tutorial
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. To troubleshoot the wireless connection I followed this guide
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, although there wasn't really much to troubleshoot.

When I unzipped the windows driver, I found there was one .inf file (tmimo3P.inf) and two .sys files (TMIMO30P.sys and TMIMO31P.sys). When installing the drivers with ndiswrapper I used:
sudo ndiswrapper -i /your folder/WPC54GX4-V1.00.09-
The ndiswrapper module automatically loaded the TMIMO31P.sys file, which should be the correct one to use.

The card was recognized immediately. I then configured the ESSID using Network Configuration (the GUI interface in System/Preferences). My router has WPA2 security (the wpa-supplicant module was loaded with the distro as well) and I use DHCP to get the ip address.

Although it might look really difficult, it adds up to what tattoo-wolf posted in
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(look for post #10). It's as simple as that and the card works. I did not however put the last three lines in the rc.local file. I did modify my /etc/modules file so as for the ndiswrapper module to be loaded on boot. If you do have any problems, do rely on this thread for help.

Thanks once more phyteas22 for an excelent HowTo and all your help to the community.