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Thread: Q: Recommend JAVA/TOMCAT/Cocoon hosting?

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    Question Q: Recommend JAVA/TOMCAT/Cocoon hosting?


    please recommend best hosting company for JAVA/TOMCAT/Cocoon? Currently familiar only with Kattare, happy with everything here, only checking for another possibilities

    Thank you

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    Re: Q: Recommend JAVA/TOMCAT/Cocoon hosting?

    Hey I had a similar interest in Java/Tomcat hosting. Ended up finding the most affordable option was VPS hosting. Very solid uptimes, and an excellent price.

    Best software I found for it was from a company called parrallels. They don't host themselves, but they do outsource their software.

    I ended up using a new company called AirSpaceHosting ( They were the cheapest and had pretty good service with answering questions and providing solutions. (Of course most of the customized solutions did cost something to get done). Anyways, hope this helps.

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