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Thread: Edubuntu thin client Network

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    Question Edubuntu thin client Network


    My and a few of my friends need to design a network for our school for a networking project.

    We are planning on running thin-clients from a edubuntu server.

    Now I would want everyone's opinion in why we should use edubuntu instead of a windows network for example. If we can get a few IT professionals opinions we will use it for our assignment.

    If you have any feedback and you are an IT professional could you please note that in your post so we can mention it in our presentation.

    If we do get feedback we would be glad to mention ubuntu forums in our presentation.

    Jesse R.

    //note: I think this is the wrong forums could a admin/mod please move it, Thanks!//

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    Re: Edubuntu thin client Network

    Edubuntu will most likely be the best option for school environments because the software is free and it is set up with a large range of useful educational software to begin with.
    Your Thin Client Desktops won't need to be as powerful as would be necessary for Windows Thin Client Desktops.

    I'm not really sure about diskless Thin Client setups for Windows. There is ways to do it but I am thinking it is fairly complicated. I've only ever played around with Terminal Services and XP Unlimited*. Both of which require an OS installed on the Client to access via a Terminal Services Client.
    Also you need to worry about the complicated licensing involved with those setups. XP Unlimited claims to need one license per server but I'm not sure what Microsoft thinks about it.

    Not much else to it. I couldn't really think of a reason to go with a Microsoft setup in an educational environment. I can't even understand why Microsoft products are used at all in any educational setup.


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    Smile Re: Edubuntu thin client Network

    Thanks for the advice, quoted your post in our presentation and mentioned ubuntu forums =]

    Thanks allot!


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