Support makes people feel secure. A well supported person is likely to do more adventurous things than a person alone. In addition to doing what we can to make Ubuntu the best it can be, we can go about fixing bug number one by providing the best darn ubuntu support anywhere, for the people of Nebraska. My approach:

One trivial to remember URL
..that takes you straight to a simple, easy to use site
where you WILL get good support,
and probably really fast support
for free.

The best form of advertising I know of is word of mouth, and one of the best processes for working this advertising form is 'discipleship'. For years, I've been handing out my own email address to each and every person I meet who needed help with something Ubuntu related -- and I've helped several people become quite comfortable with Ubuntu.. but I'm only one person. Together, as a team, we can greatly simplify the process of obtaining support, provide support for a greater number of new users, and ensure that the growth of the Ubuntu community in Nebraska remains exponential.

The most meaningful support one can provide is face to face and hands on support. One of our first steps should be to build a network capable of providing it. Places you can go to pick up a free official sleeved Ubuntu CD or get your Ubuntu laptop looked at, or even get Ubuntu installed for you. People who will drive to your house to help you if you're disabled, and people who will take phone calls to patiently explain the simplest things to beginners, right when they need them explained. I believe we have the resources to do this.

As Ninja would say, LET'S KICK THIS PIG!