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Thread: CD Drive not working on Sony VAIO FW Series!

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    CD Drive not working on Sony VAIO FW Series!

    I hadn't tested/needed the CD/DVD writer until now. I don't know how to find information on it...if you have some command that will help you I'll be more than happy to execute it.

    All I can tell you:
    -So far I have had several compatibility issues.
    -Sony VAIO FW Series
    -When I insert a disc is starts to hum and spin it, but then it just quits.

    >>New development!
    >>>CD/DVD drive works if I have a CD/DVD in the drive on start up. Also that removes the errors I've been getting on start up... (The error is: ata2.00 failed to set xfermod (err_mask=0x4))
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